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‘Government saved Rs 2,000cr through reverse tendering’ | Vijayawada News


Vijayawada: Chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy on Wednesday reiterated that the state has saved Rs 2,000 crore through reverse tendering and clarified that the tenders of the previous government were cancelled due to irregularities.
Speaking at an education conclave, the chief minister once again sought to allay the fears of investors by justifying the reverse tendering as a profitable exercise. “In Polavaram alone we have saved Rs 830 crore. To put it simply, the same work was done for Rs 830 crore less than what was agreed to under the previous regime. In the TIDCO housing scheme, we could save Rs 400 crore,” Jaganmohan Reddy explained.
He also expressed confidence that the reverse tendering would help bring down cost and infuse competitive spirit among bidders. Replying to a question during the conclave, Jaganmohan Reddy spoke about judicial preview and announced that it will scrutinise the the tenders above Rs 100 crore and put them in the public domain for suggestions. “Once the bids are closed, only the amount of the lowest bidder would be on the website and if anyone quotes a lesser price it will be considered. It is a part of the initiative to provide transparent and corruption-free governance,” Jaganmohan Reddy added.
Meanwhile, during a review meeting on Wednesday, the chief minister revealed his future plans for village and ward secretariats and said that a standard operating procedure would be put in place to ensure that welfare programmes reach the people. He said a process has to be maintained by the secretarial staff and volunteers while implementing the new welfare programmes. The chief minister directed officials to maintain an attendance register for the volunteers.
He said since each volunteer was entrusted with 50 houses, there should not be any scope for delays in implementation of any scheme. As the system was introduced to take administration to the doorsteps of the people, there should be no scope for corruption, he said, adding that monthly review of the secretariates’ performance can help.

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