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Tenders announced for Ulverstone Cultural Precinct | The Advocate


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THE Ulverstone Cultural Precinct is expected to be open this time next year following the announcement of tenders for the project. However, the project will cost $2.1 million than was first quoted for the project in 2017. Cental Coast Council Mayor Jan Bonde said awarding the construction tender to Fairbrother following approval at the council meeting in January was a key milestone. “…it is now full steam ahead with the final detailed design underway for this flagship project,” she said. Following consultation with the community the cost of the project rose significantly from $7.5 million to $9.6 million. “When we first got the original estimate three years ago costs have escalated and with a different brief after community consultation due to changes in the design,” Cr Bonde said. Cr Bonde said the consultation included discussions with stakeholders, like workers at the visitor information centre, to understand the practicalities and need for floor space. The Central Coast Council allocated $2.5m for the project in its 2019-20 budget in addition to $2.5m from the Australian government, $1.5m from a Tasmanain Government loan, $500,000 of capital funding from the 2020-21 capital estimate and 100,000 from the Public Open Space Reserve. The new precinct will be a multi-faceted community facility that will include a revitalised site for the Ulverstone History Museum and Research Library, an art gallery, science centre and planetarium, Visitor Information Centre, café and special purpose workshop spaces suitable for woodcraft and other crafts. The precinct will have an education focus combining both arts and culture and science and technology and be a place for people to visit. Cr Bonde said it would be an exciting time for the whole community when the first sod is turned on the project. “The further we have got in the design the more exciting it is become and the community is looking forward to getting it started,” she said. “You will start to see activity at the site with the demolition of the current building and construction will run through this year with the opening of the new Ulverstone Cultural Precinct in early 2021. “We look forward to sharing progress with you as we start this exciting year.”


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