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A passion for the environment: App State energy manager Jonathan Pierson


BOONE, N.C. — Working and living in Alaska for a decade allowed Appalachian State University alumnus Jonathan Pierson ’06 ’08 to see how energy efficiencies and initiatives can impact individuals and communities. Now as Appalachian’s energy manager, Pierson helps Facilities Operations ensure Appalachian moves toward a more efficient and environmentally friendly campus.

“Having a proactive energy manager on board sharpens the focus on our challenges and, more importantly, ensures we are creating solutions to meet those challenges,” said Gary Carter, director of Facilities Operations.

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Pierson managed weatherization assistance projects within a rural community action program to reduce energy costs and improve safety in residents’ homes. He then served as lead project manager for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Rural Energy program, which he described as “a unique experience.”

“I worked in communities that were accessible only by boat or small plane, in a climate that would hit temperatures of 60 degrees below zero,” Pierson said. “It is very expensive to provide water and sanitation systems in these conditions, and my job was to work with a team to implement energy efficiency projects to make the systems affordable for everyone in the community.”

“The addition of Jonathan to the Facilities Operations team is a game changer. Having a position that exclusively focuses on energy management will strengthen our campus climate action efforts that focus on energy use reductions.”

Dr. Lee F. Ball Jr., Appalachian’s chief sustainability officer

Pierson and his wife, Kelly Ingram Pierson ’09, moved to Anchorage after graduating from Appalachian to serve for a year in AmeriCorps. Both outdoor enthusiasts, the Piersons enjoy hiking and exploring in their spare time.

“Seeing the recession in some of the glaciers from the time we first arrived to a few years later was pretty mind blowing. Also, in my job I worked with communities of people who were forced to move because of the impacts of climate change, which made a strong impression on me,” he said.

Coming full circle to Boone

Pierson, who grew up in Atlanta, earned a B.S. in cultural anthropology through Appalachian’s College of Arts and Sciences and an M.A. in industrial technology with a concentration in appropriate technology through the university’s College of Fine and Applied Arts.

“Studying cultural anthropology helped me understand the interaction of people and the environment — identifying problems that piqued my interest in practical solutions involving sustainable technology,” he said.

While a graduate student, Pierson was a project manager for Appalachian’s Renewable Energy Initiative (REI) — a student-led, student-funded organization that installs renewable energy and energy efficiency projects on campus. In this role, he helped install the solar photovoltaic array located in front of Kenneth E. Peacock Hall.

In addition to prioritizing and managing energy projects, Pierson’s job includes outreach — educating the campus community about the importance of energy efficiency. He is working closely with Appalachian’s Office of Sustainability in developing and implementing the university’s new Climate Action Plan — a roadmap toward carbon neutrality.

Dr. Lee F. Ball Jr., Appalachian’s chief sustainability officer, said, “The addition of Jonathan to the Facilities Operations team is a game changer. Having a position that exclusively focuses on energy management will strengthen our campus climate action efforts that focus on energy use reductions. Investments in campus energy efforts are critically important because they reduce the cost of operations and support our campus sustainability goals at the same time.”

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