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Bogotá issues tenders for bike and pedestrian lanes



Bogotá’s urban development institute IDU launched two tenders worth 73bn pesos (US$19mn) in total to build and repair pedestrian and bicycle lanes in three streets near the city’s northern access highway.

The first contract, worth 42bn pesos, involves two sections of Calle 116 street entailing 5.6km. The first goes between the Autopista Norte highway and Boyacá avenue, while the second starts at the same highway and ends at the Carrera 9 street, bidding documents show.

“This project would have an inter-modality proposal with the nod that Carrera 15 avenue has with the public transport system (SITP), the Calle 72 Transmilenio station, and the final stop of Bogotá’s first Metro line,” the document says. 

The second contract, worth 30bn pesos, has four sections entailing 4.9km. The first goes on Calle 94, the second on Calle 92, a third at Calle 88 and the last at Carrera Séptima avenue, all near the Norte-Quito-Sur (NQS) avenue, which leads to the north access highway. 

Bids for both contracts will be opened on June 25. Bidding documents can be found at public procurement website Secop II.

Calle 116 contract: ID IDU-LP-SGI-008-2020

Calle 94 and 92 contract: ID IDU-LP-SGI-010-2020

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