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Soy-Based sandals provide comfort to healthcare workers | AG


(KMAland) — U.S. Soy is helping bring comfort to healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly on the frontlines during COVID-19.

Okabashi, an American company that counts on U.S. soy for its footwear, pledged to donate up to 10,000 pairs of soy-based sandals to health care workers — matching every pair purchased.

United Soybean Board director Belinda Burrier is a farmer from Union Bridge, Maryland who says she’s proud her soybeans go to products to help healthcare workers.

“Everyone knows our doctors and nurses run around on their feet all day, so this is a really thoughtful effort, and it’s fantastic that our soybeans can have a role in this soy-based footwear. It’s neat to see the soybeans I grow not only being used in a unique way that supports demand for our product, but also to support frontline workers during this crisis. It’s one of the reasons I’m proud to grow soybeans.”

For every pair sold, Okabashi will donate a pair to a healthcare worker with a note of encouragement from the customer that purchased them. Burrier serves as the Oil Target Area Coordinator for USB, and she says the team works to guide investments and projects that support the market for soybean oil.

“I see all kinds of amazing things that can be done with our product. Okabashi committed to producing their footwear with sustainable and renewable materials using soybean oil to displace petroleum — and U.S. soy was a great fit.

U.S. soybean oil meets Okabashi’s high standards for performance, offering both strength and softness for their shoes, as well as qualified them to be recognized as a USDA Certified Biobased Product — meeting their sustainability goals. She says it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

“U.S. soybean producers had about 11 million metric tons of soybean oil in the marketplace last year that needed customers, and industrial uses for our oil is great for building customers and supporting this market long term. As your soy checkoff board, we’re invested in building preference for U.S. soy. We share information on research and projects like this on the USB website all the time. We even have a full Soy Products Guide that lists available products using U.S. soy.”

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